Self-Checkout Products

Barcode Systems

  • Rugged POS design utilizing linear imager scanner.
  • Scan printed barcodes, including stored barcodes from smart phone app.
  • For use in libraries using RF security or non-security environments.

EM (Electromagnetic) Systems

  • V-Coil design with optic sensors ensuring proper desensitizing of items checked out, thus eliminating false gate alarms.
  • Utilizes industrial long-range laser scanner.
  • Scan, checkout, and desensitize in one step.

RFID Systems

  • Read/write ISO-28560-2 and ISO-15693 tags.
  • Read/write any thrid party vendor ISO tags simultaneously. Great for interlibrary loans.
  • Compatible with any new or existing RFID installation.
  • Full Hybrid operation. Barcode scanner turns "on" if item's RFID tag is not present. This allows patron to scan printed barcode if item is without RFID tag.